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Individual Requirements


Individual Diets are catered for and food is prepared in hygienic conditions. Cats are fed twice daily and additional attention is given to elderly cats, kittens and those with special dietary requirements.


Should it be necessary, veterinary attendance is assured. Any treatment prescribed by owners or by a veterinary surgeon can be continued during your cats stay. It is advisable to regularly use one of the many flea controls and worming treatments available from your veterinary practice, but please do not treat your cat on the day of boarding.


Clean bedding is provided. However, if it would make your cat feel more comfortable you are welcome to bring your cats own clean bedding and toys.

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From 1st March 2020
1 Cat – £12.00
2 Cats – £20.00
3 Cats – £23.00
4 Cats – £26.00
5 Cats – £28.00